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Professional Bodies Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
  (SNAME) The American professional society.
  SNAME Journal of Small Boat Technology
  A SNAME discussion forum for small craft.
  Royal Institute of Naval Architects
  (RINA)  Link to the Australian branch of the English professional society.
  National Marine Electronics Association
  (NMEA) The international standards body for marine electronics.
Academic Institutions University of New South Wales
  Teaches naval architecture.
  Australian Maritime College
  Teaches naval architecture and  maritime studies.
  Curtin University of Technology
  Centre for Marine Science and Technology.
Technical Open Source CFD
  Open source Computational Fluid Dynamics.
  High Modulus
  A world-leading supplier of composite technology and structural engineering services in the marine industry.
Forums Boat Design Net
  A forum for discussing issues associated with boat design.  Can be helpful but can also be frustrating!
  Cruisers Forum
  A forum for discussing issues associated with cruising boats including design issues.  Can also be helpful but can also be frustrating!
Miscellaneous Australia Bureau of Meteorology
  The Australian Government weather prediction service.
  Predict Weather
  A service providing long term weather predictions, - with remarkable accuracy!
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