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  Christopher from Floating Point Dynamycz has been my chief IT consultant for a period of at least ten years, to my great satisfaction.  I should unhesitatingly like to recommend him to anyone seeking a reliable IT consultant.  His services have included building and configurating PCs, internet issues (including connection and configuration) and a wide range of  other technical problems that have arisen.
T.P. Saunders, Sydney, Australia.

The problem I usually strike when dealing with 'experts' is that they have no idea how to convey information.  Their heads are crammed full of knowledge but they have no idea how to impart that knowledge.  Some of them make you feel like a stupid school kid. Not so with Christopher from Floating Point Dynamycz.  He talked me through several website problems in a way that was not demeaning and achieved positive results in the shortest possible time.  I recommend his services to anyone with a vexing computer problem that others have failed to solve.  In fact, don't wait, contact him first before the others have a chance to drive you crazy!

Alan J. Douglas, G2KU.com, Sydney, Australia.


Christopher of Floating Point Dynamycz assisted me with the database design and his input was invaluable.  His experience and knowledge of database architecture was a very reassuring - knowing the database had a solid foundation in design.

G.Wallace, Business Accounting and Tax Pty. Ltd, Sydney, Australia.


I have known Christopher from Floating Point Dynamycz for more than 20 years and admired his skills in a number of different areas, including IT.  When I said I was going to computer-equip myself at home, he offered to build me a targeted set-up.  When I accepted the offer, he conducted a thorough investigation into my needs and the resultant computer has certainly justified his efforts.  The product has been most satisfying, including his readiness to resolve a few small problems which have appeared.  I am getting immense satisfaction from the new PC, doing precisely what I had indicated I wanted my new computer to do.  I need say no more about Christopher's attention to detail and his professional approach.

Graham Zanelli, Sydney, Australia



Christopher from Floating Point Dynamycz assisted me with the following services; website strategies, business planning and analysis as well as identifying some unique marketing opportunities.  I can absolutely recommend him, as his knowledge and advice has been invaluable to me especially during the start up phase of my business.  His service has gone above and beyond what I could have expected.  Christopher is a fountain of knowledge along with many innovative solutions.
He was always willing to listen to my concerns and answer my questions without talking down to me.  He went the extra mile to find some unique solutions tailored to my specific needs.  He also assisted me to identify a number of different business and marketing opportunities which opened my eyes and expanded my prospects beyond what I could have imagined.

M. Nalty, Mici Jay, www.micijay.com, Sydney, Australia.



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